5 Best Ideas Recycled Plumbing Pipes for Home Décor

Pipe is widely known as stuff where the water flows. It undeniably has numerous benefits for our daily activities for sure. However, don’t you know that the pipes can even function more? Especially if your pipes are already in the warehouse, it doesn’t mean that they are useless. If you are creative, just create them to support your home decorations. Well, there are at least 5 trends of home decoration made from plumbing pipe. What are they? Check them out.

Book Shelves

Pipes are naturally thin and long. Those shapes are just good to construct many kinds of furniture including the shelves. For many reasons, the pipes are suitable for bookshelves. The designs can be based on your wants for sure. They can be arranged although common designs of shelves. But of course, you can explore your ideas to make this furniture look more beautiful and unique. Remaining the natural shapes of pipes – including with the connectors and so on, is more recommended.

Industrial Table Set

What do you think about a set of table and chairs with pipes as the main structures? Maybe, it is now still beyond your imagination. But if you love a certain home interior design like industrial, this idea is very good. Industrial home interior designs refer to a sort of design inspired by industrial tools and equipment. Slightly, it looks like a workshop or manufacture but yes, it is a house. The design is indeed coarse somehow but still beautiful. For the table set, the pipes are not the only materials used but you can combine them with wooden plates and more.

Home Fixtures

Some home fixtures like lighting and others can also be made from the pipes. To have them, it seems you cannot work by yourself if you are not experienced enough. It is better to order them for the best results. More than that, for the fixtures, you still need to have the electrical devices and wires in it. The sense found is just the same with table set. It is basically industrial design. With good selections of a bulb, the pipe fixtures can just beautify your home more.


Undeniably, faucets are parts of a plumbing system. But how is if you should not buy it and use the unused pipe for this. Again, it needs an expert to deal with it. But the result seems more beautiful and unique. It brings out the industrial style as well. The pipes are connected to the plumbing system as usual and then the remaining hole is functioned as the faucet. To give classic vibes, choose pipes with certain metallic colors like bronze.


Quite similar to the bookshelves, you can actually make other storages from the pipes. The pipes can be used only for the structure or the entire parts of shelves. Adding other materials like woods or even aluminum is a great idea. Make sure that the storage designs are in line with the interior style has been applied whether it is modern, classic, or others.


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