Doing Your Own Sump Pump Repair

There are some situations where you need to do the sump pump repair on your own especially when it is currently raining and your pump suddenly stopped working. Calling an expert is not only expensive but it might be a bit too late when they arrive. Better do some repair on your own since the problem might be easier to fix than you think.

In order to do the repair, all you need is the right information about it. Below are some tips that you could easily follow.


One of the common issues in the sump pump involves the float. The purpose of this float is to turn on the pump when it reaches a certain level. The pump is dependent on the float that is why when it has problems, the pump would fail to work.

There is a big possibility that debris might be blocking the float. Check it and make sure that it is free from any debris. To prevent problems in the float, it is important that you perform regular checking of this float.

Check Valve

The common reason why a check valve would fail to work is improper installation. It is important that the arrow in the valve is pointing away from the pump itself. If this valve is not properly installed, it could not do its job of stopping water from flowing back into the pit.


It is possible that the problem is on the impeller especially when you hear some unusual sounds in the sump pump. It is possible that the impeller is clogged with debris, bugs or some particles that prevents it from working properly.

It would be ideal that you have a filter before the impeller so that any debris and particles could not reach this part of the pump.


If ever after checking the parts mentioned above you did not found any problem, the reason might be related to electrical wiring of the pump. Try to check the breaker of this unit for it might have been accidentally trip off by someone.

Do not forget that prevention is better than cure. Make sure that you periodically try your sump pump if it works so that when the time comes that it needs to function, you don’t have to worry about anything. See to it that problems in the sump pump are addressed immediately for you will not know that time that it would be used again.

For maintenance and repair of your sump pump, call Orange County Plumbing. We have been in this business for many years already. Expect that we know what to do and we do it fast. Only reliable plumbers will do the job to ensure high quality plumbing service. You also don’t have to worry about expense since our services are offered in an affordable price.

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