Ergonomic Kitchen Design Tips

Kitchen seems like a neglected area. Homeowner will think about it after they are done designing bedroom and other rooms. In contrary, kitchen is the place when anything is happening. You need to be comfortable in the kitchen so the activity in the room will go smoothly.

Too high upper cabinets or too low counter table would be a night mare for everyone who works in the kitchen. Besides the design, a careful selection of the product will help you to maximize your activity in the kitchen. So, here are the tips for ergonomic kitchen design.

Consider the different heights of counter

If the residents in your home are pretty tall then a counter with 38 inches for height will be suitable for you. But it definitely will affect the return if you resale it. So, if you want a tall counter top, just make sure that later it can be modified into the standard height which is 36 inches. Or for a simple installation, you can just use the cabinets with standard size and then add some wood piece to adjust your height. It can be installed under the counter table so it can be moved out without have to change the whole cabinetry.

Storage requires creativity

You will hear a lot about “store the things near the place it will be most used”. But have you consider about the weight?

For ergonomic and your comfortable sake, you can store the heavy things on the height between shoulder and hip. It will prevent any over-stretching later. When it comes to medium-weight items, you can put it below or above the heaviest stuff. Later, the lightest items will be suitable to be stored in the highest area or least-accessible cabinet. It is suitable for cereal boxes. It will not cost you over-stretching since it is very light. Cabinets below your knee or above your head will be great place.

An accessible top cabinet

Top shelves could be much better if you install a pull-down shelf mechanism. It basically can be installed for the usual standard cabinets. The pull-down mechanism will allow you to pull it out and it will be down towards you. The space in the higher storage will be much useful for all household members after all. You can ask your contractor or handyman about this mechanism.

Pull out shelves for base cabinet

Basically, pullout varieties are available for all types of storage options, starting from organizer under the sink, spice rack, and pantry shelf. If you install the pullout shelves then everyone could access it more easily. They can reach any item at the back without have to done unnecessarily bending movement.

Raise the range hood

Every time you are cooking, stirring food will be a necessary process. It will be a challenge if you are basically taller than the standard height of the range hood’s bottom edge. Instead of hitting your head over and over to the hood, you can consider to raise the range hood into the highest tolerable measurements.

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