Where to Save, Where to Splurge In Kitchen Remodel

When it comes to home improvement, kitchen renovation or remodel can be the best investment any homeowner can make. However, this is quite a huge undertaking that can cost an arm and a leg when the right things are not prioritized. How can you make the most of your kitchen remodel?

The Costs

Based on the 2013 report by the Census Bureau of the United States, the average cost for a kitchen remodel was about $5,000. But, if you want the entire kitchen renovation effect, then you may end up shelling out around $27,353.

Kitchen remodeling experts though say there is no need to feel anxious since there are many ways to create savings by splurging only on key items. By focusing on a detailed floor plan, can help you save on the costs because this would be a lot easier than committing to changes at the later stages of the renovation.

The cost of the renovation can also be lowered if you can find ways to avoid moving existing plumbing and electrical connections. This means skipping the possibility of having to take down walls.

Premium on Safety

In focusing on where to save and where to splurge on your kitchen remodel, priority should be placed on life-safety improvements. This would include the installation of ventilation as well as mold remediation.

Choosing the right tiles, flooring, and lighting will not only improve the safety of your kitchen, but can be both beautiful and economical. In fact, many general contractors would agree that with thousands of styles to choose from, tiles would be a great way to start your savings.

You can choose between ceramic and porcelain tiles, which can both be good for your kitchen backsplashes and floors. Using tiles is considerably cheaper compared to hardwood flooring because wood can be damaged easily, especially when water leaks appear.

If you want truly affordable tiles, stay away from designer showrooms. You can use high-end tiles at specific areas as a highlight, like in the backsplash around your range. This allows you to increase the beauty of your kitchen without spending as much money.

To increase the safety of your kitchen, make sure that there is ample lighting. There are affordable and beautiful lighting options that will match any kitchen remodel design.

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Faucets and Appliances

Undoubtedly, having a beautiful faucet over a sink is an added value in any kitchen. Make sure that you take a close look at the faucet construction, having durable metal cartridges can assure you that the faucet will last a long time. This also ensures that water and temperature mixing will happen smoothly.

As far as appliances is concerned, the consideration should be on how it would be used and how long it will be needed in the home. The kind of lifestyle that you have should also come into consideration when choosing the appropriate kitchen appliance.

Cabinets and Countertops

If there is any area worth splurging on in your kitchen remodel, it would be cabinets and countertops. Local cabinet suppliers can create storage designs that will eliminate wasted kitchen space.

Common upgrades include Lazy Susans and pull-out shelves. However, built-in spice drawers and appliance garages may not be worth spending too much money on. These may increase the look of your kitchen, but it is not practical.

Semi-custom cabinets on the other hand provide additional benefits because they can limit the imperfections of the home and by prefabricating cabinets, it can fit perfectly into the design of any kitchen.

As for counter tops, natural stone would be a better option than manufactured ones. This is because they are beautiful and can last longer. A popular choice is granite, but quartz and quartzite are good choices as well; especially when they are becoming more affordable.

To get more information on where to save and where to splurge on your kitchen remodel, contact a professional today. However, whenever you want to do kitchen remodel, be careful to not break the plumbing system. Once it’s broken, feel free to contact us. We are ready 24/7 for any plumbing issues.

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