Slab Leak Detection

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The importance of slab leak detection services can only be appreciated if done early on.  This means that the moment you suspect that your home is experiencing slab leaks, you must call us at Orange County Plumbing immediately so that we can do an accurate evaluation of the situation.  It is important for every homeowner to understand that slab leaks are one of the most difficult to predict and identify, especially without the proper tools, experience, and training.

Understanding the Danger

There are homes that have been built on concrete slabs that have their copper piping installed underneath the slab or at times even embedded within.  It is quite difficult to categorically state how much danger an undetected slab leak can bring, suffice to say that it may weaken the foundation of your home.

Normally, when there is a slab leak, you may notice visible signs like water stains on the walls and flooring or even occasional pools of water that seemingly come from the foundation of your home.  Like any other type of leak, slab leaks may also contribute to increasing the amount of water bills you have to pay monthly.

However, the real danger is that the water continuously leaking from your system may soak the underlying soil, travel to the bottom walls as well as the adjoining slabs, and weaken an entire section of your home.

Dealing with Consequences

When the slab of your home is built on expansive soils such as clay for example, then you must be aware of the extremely high tendency for the soil to hold on to the leaked water.  This means that unnecessary weight will be added to the foundation of your home.

Whenever there is a buildup of plumbing leaks, it is not only your home that will suffer, but your entire plumbing system as well.  For example, when the foundation weakens, the adjoining pipes may be affected causing them to burst or even weaken their integrity that will affect the smooth supply of water into your home.

We at Orange County Plumbing are equipped with the best and technologically advanced equipment that will allow us to accurately detect slab leaks.  Our team of plumbing experts are also properly trained and regularly updated with the latest detection techniques to make sure that you do not have to suffer the unwanted consequences of dealing with slab leaks.

You must realize that even the slightest leak can lead to tremendous damages when allowed to go unrepaired for long periods.  So to make sure that you do not have to face these consequences, call us now to get a professional leak detection in Orange County!

The Real Expenses

Did you know that an estimated $12.5 million is spent on foundation repairs annually?  That is how much damage slab leaks can do to your home.  The most common cause of foundation problems in any home or property is water leaks.

This means that if you want to avoid becoming part of this statistics, then you must act not only immediately, but properly as well.

All you have to do is pick up the phone and call Orange County Plumbing now.

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