Water Heater

Part of our commitment here at Orange County Plumber to deliver you the best plumbing services possible is to make sure that you become informed and educated in the process.  We realize how important water heating systems have become in every home during the past few years.  At the same time, we also observed that many home owners make the crucial mistake of having the wrong type of water system installed, leading to high monthly bills.

Make the Selection

Choosing the right type of water heater for your homes can be very crucial.  It will determine how responsive it can be to your needs as well as how efficient it will be in ensuring that you do not pay for more than you have to.  That is why Orange County Plumber wants you to take these factors into consideration.

  1. Type of Water Heater – majority of water heating systems consume huge amounts of energy.  That is why you must look for the most energy efficient type of water heating system in the market.  Today, when talking about efficiency and practicality, tankless water heating systems are considered the best choice.
  2. Energy Source – you must also carefully consider the energy source of your water heating system.  You should look what are cheaper and more convenient in your area.  This makes it easier for you to save more money on the long term.
  3. Heating Capacity – because efficiency is important, you must have the right capacity water heating system installed.  The capacity will be dictated by the actual needs of your family based on your consumption.
  4. Unit Price – of course, you still have to consider the price of the water heating system that you would want to buy.  Take note of any rebate programs that may give you a chance to have your water heating system installed for free.

Proper Installation

One of the most crucial points in ensuring the proper functionality and efficiency of your water heating system is its installation.  We at Orange County Plumber are proud of the amount of expertise and training that our plumbing technicians possess in the field of water heating system installation.  In fact, our experience in installing thousands of water heating systems have led us to believe that there is another important factor that homeowners should consider.

Proper installation of water heating systems must be accompanied by the right brand.  This means taking advantage of specialized innovations in water heating solutions like those from:

  1. Takagi – manufacturing of efficient models have become its trademark.  Some of its units achieve thermal efficiency of 92 percent NG while achieving a maximum of 95 percent LP while delivering up to 500 gallons an hour.
  2. Navien – value and ultra-condensing efficiency are two features that this manufacturer prioritizes.  This means that they are focused on giving you huge savings while promoting environmentally sound lifestyle.
  3. Noritz – innovation has been synonymous to this manufacturer because of the devotion it has shown in the fields of research and development.  That is why when it comes to efficient fixtures for the future, you have to consider this manufacturer.

To make sure that you get the best from all of these innovative water heating solutions, call Orange County Plumber now!

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