Water Heating System

The water heater has become one of the more important equipment installed in many modern homes.  If you enjoy having access to hot showers or soak in hot water while in the tub, then you definitely know the value of having an efficient and reliable water heating system in your home.  However, every homeowner should know that having us at Orange County Plumber install your water heating system is not enough to guarantee that it will continue to work worry-free.

Importance of Regular Maintenance

There are so many issues facing homeowners that it is often so easy to forget about the water heater that is tucked in your basement or underneath the cabinet sink; until of course you turn on the shower one morning and is rudely greeted by a gush of cold water.  You can just imagine how annoying this experience can be.  Fortunately, there is a way to make sure that this does not happen to you.

You can call us here at Orange County Plumbing to do regular maintenance work on your water heating system to ensure that it is functioning properly.  This routine maintenance will provide you with huge benefits for the long terms as well as protect your investment.

This is because it allows you to increase the efficiency of your water heating system, especially if it is frequently used.  On the average, it would be advisable to have your water heater serviced at least twice yearly.

Although there will be upfront costs involved, minimizing the frequency of breakdowns will lead to less costly repairs or possible replacement during its service life.  The maintenance service will provide will allow you to immediately catch possible problems and address them accordingly without huge costs. You also make sure that you will not be caught unaware of sudden breakdowns especially at times when you need your water heater most.  Call us now at Orange County Plumber to schedule your maintenance appointment today.

Importance of Venting

Almost as important as regular maintenance work on your water heating system is making sure that it has proper venting.  This is further emphasized if it runs on fossil fuels for heat production.  If your home is designed with a chimney, this may be used for venting purposes, but if there is none, separate vents may need to be installed to address the need of the system.

Venting is important because when there is anything that is being burned, fumes will be produced.  These fumes may or may not be visible to the naked eye.  For example, with a fire, the smoke contains the fumes, which makes them easier to see.  The vents are designed to make sure that the smoke and fumes generated will not stay within your home, but will be pushed out to make sure they do not affect your health.

Fumes that are allowed back into the room can result in carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be extremely dangerous to your health and may lead to permanent brain damage.  To make sure that the water heater and its vents are properly installed, you must call a professional.

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