What Makes Water Heaters Explode

It seems impossible to hear that your water heater can explode but it is true. There is a possibility that your water heater explodes and you have to prevent it. The way to prevent the explosion is by learning the cause of water heater explosion. The list below shows to you several things that make your water heater explode.

Sediment Buildup

Sediment buildup is considered as the cause of water heater leak. Actually, this problem is not only causing a leak but also a fatal explosion. The sediment buildup is coming from the natural substance. It developed from the cold water piping from the outside. In most common condition, sediment buildup is a normal condition and you just need to drain the water heater. The serious problem happens when you don’t really care about sediment buildup and it becomes too much. The common sign is when you hear cracking or popping from the water heater. If you hear that sign, you must treat the water heater by draining it. The best way to drain the water heater is by unscrewing the cap. Then, you have to release the water into a bucket. When the sediment buildup is gone, the sound will be gone and the risk of explosion can be reduced.

Water Heater Rusting

The next cause of water heater explosion is rust. Rust can’t be separated from water heater due to the steel and iron materials used. There is also a small anode acts as the metal rod. When the anode runs out, you will see the rust problem. The common sign of water heater rusting is on the change of the color, smell, and even taste. If you feel this changing you have to call professional right away. They will analyze the problem and find the best solution so you can use the water heater normally just like before. The earlier you treat the rust, the better because it reduces the chance of water heater explosion. The common treatment of rusting problem is by adding a new anode.

High Water Pressure

Free from sediment buildup and rust doesn’t mean that you can free from water heater explosion. One more thing you have to consider as the cause of water heater explosion is high water pressure. High water pressure will open the small valve or T&P which also known as temperature and pressure valve. By the time the valve opened, the water heater will release water and its pressure. As the result, the risk of bursting can be stopped. If the valve doesn’t want to open the pressure triggers high pressure and without proper treatment it makes the water heater exploded. You would better call a professional to handle this problem to prevent any kind of impacts or more problems. The professional will lock the water heater after reducing the pressure. Soon, you can use water heater just like before.

The best way to prevent water heater explosion is by inspecting the water heater regularly. Just make sure that there is nothing wrong with it. If you see something wrong, you should treat it right away. For those who don’t know how to treat the problem, you must call a professional and let them handle it.


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